Rollatordokter Frank de Boer bespreekt het laatste nieuws over
de rollator, het rollatorboek en het rollatorspreekuur.

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24 Oktober 2015

Rollatordokter in Nederlands Dagblad

Nog even en ook de rollator heeft navigatie. De rollator haalde mensen letterlijk vanachter de geraniums,

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15 Oktober 2015

Goed op weg met de rollator

Lees hier tips over aanschaf en gebruik. Want een rollator kan uw beste vriend zijn. Zeker met de informatie van rollatordokter Frank de Boer!

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29 Mei 2015

The rollator, my best friend?

'The Rollator, My Best Friend?: Safe and Comfortable on the Road', de vertaling van het rollatorboek, nu ook te koop bij

The rollator is a great walking aid which literally supports the user. For many, the rollator is not a sign of disability but rather a godsend. This book contains a lot of useful information about the rollator and its proper use. Other names for this walking aid can be: rolling walker, wheeled walker, rollator walker or 4-wheeled walker.

This book is for everyone who already has a rollator or will inevitably need one. It is also an ideal guide for healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients requiring mobility devices such as the rollator. More importantly, this book will make a significant contribution in reducing the number of accidents resulting from the misuse of the walking aid.

President of the Board of Governors Health Insurers Netherlands, Andre Rouvoet is pleased with this initiative. He hopes that this book will be read by many and that it will contribute to the affordable care and welfare of the elderly and the disabled.

In 2005, Frank de Boer organized one of the first Rollator clinics in the Netherlands. From then on, he was known as the Rollator Doctor and made guest appearances on various television and radio programs. For years, the author has worked as a nursing home physiotherapist and specializes in the use of walking aids and rehabilitation of the elderly.

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